BIG on Community

Every year, Tesco likes to delight and surprise their community by creating content and activations that allow customers to Share a smile. In years past, these involved Easter morning surprises and BIG activations at The Ploughing Festival. In 2016, Tesco used the spookiest holiday to tickle funny bones and celebrate their favourite (or scariest) Irish stereotypes and shoppers.

The Challenge

The challenge for BACKUP involved dreaming up a piece of content that would be joyfully shared by Tesco customers.

This campaign should:

  • Be uniquely Irish, and celebrate the relatable personalities found strolling Tesco’s aisles
  • Be compulsively “Shareable” – optimised for a succinct laugh or smile on social media
  • Be totally Tesco, focused on community

For this campaign, BACKUP’s Social and Creative brains came together to throw some spooky jokes on the wall and see what stuck. The video was scripted and created by BACKUP, then optimised for a spooky social spend around holiday time.

The Results

On Facebook alone, the video reached more than 457,000 unique Irish customers, driven by close to 800 Shares and 2,900 reactions and comments (all with outstandingly positive social sentiment). This was one of Tesco’s top performing video in terms of social shares.

The campaign, combined with Tesco & BACKUP’s Spooktacular sampling activations (120+ sampling and experiential activations across 50+ stores), reached hundreds of thousands organically. The video was then supplemented by a targeted paid spend, raising brand awareness and footfall throughout the holiday period.



“One of Tesco’s top performing video in terms of social shares!”