Tesco Mobile
Meet the Waddles

  • Brand Strategy
  • Design
  • Experiential
  • In Store Marketing

During the busiest retail time of the year, Tesco Mobile challenged BACKUP to find a way to connect with customers (particularly Mothers and kids) on a more personal level and create a bit of holiday magic.


‘Bring the ATL Penguin campaign to life’ at store level and engage Moms by leveraging footfall through their dedicated in-store stalls and kiosks.


Using the penguin imagery that had been part of their print ATL campaign, BACKUP created the friendly ‘Waddle Family’ with their own story and unique personalities. The team then designed a campaign that put the brand’s product offering ‘front and centre’ with AR enabled ‘Storyboard Walls’ and take-home flyers in-store as well as an engaging experiential AR Roadshow that allowed families to interact with animated penguins.

Using AR technology we were able to get people to interact directly with the brand ‘ambassadors’ in a light-hearted and magical way. Thousands of AR flyers were also printed and distributed during the roadshow providing a take-home branded reminder of the experience.The Roadshow included a movable screen, web cam and computer that effectively brought kids into the world of the ‘The Waddles’. In this AR environment, kids assisted by BACKUP trained promotional staff, could engage with Cody the penguin by dancing, waving and even giving him a high-fiving.