Woohoo! Survey Time! Earn Money by shopping

Tuesday 11th April 2017

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Earn money by shopping, take our survey to apply


At BACKUP, we love learning! And we love shopping!

So we decided to do a bit of learning about shopping.

BACKUP is working with an Irish university to learn more about consumer shopping habits and the decisions they make in store. We are looking for 50 people across the country who would like to take part and earn a €50 shopping voucher. Participants will be shadowed by a BACKUP team member on their next shopping trip and asked questions about the products they choose.

To opt-in, head over to our survey and fill in some of these details.


Click this link to apply: http://bit.ly/BACKUPShoppers


Note: Not all applicants will be chosen. Applying via the survey does not guarantee a spot in the study. Participants must be available to meet with the BACKUP team on the research day.


The BACKUP Data Team