Sunday 5th March 2017

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Every year, the National Ploughing Association holds The National Ploughing Championships, hosting hundreds of thousands of people from all over Ireland who don their wellies for three days of family fun. As the biggest supplier of Irish food, Tesco aims to stand-out from the 1,500 exhibitors represented at Europe’s largest agricultural tradeshow.

Tesco Goes Big

Tesco’s brand message centers around “BIG on the best of Irish” when it comes to produce and beef. This year Tesco challenged BACKUP to find a way to reinforce their message and celebrate the agricultural community by creating open conversations between Suppliers, Tesco, and the 13,000 farming families and artisans who stock Tesco shelves everyday.


Tesco’s massive indoor tent was planned, designed, staffed, built and managed by BACKUP. Striking design and a variety of contests ushered attendees into the Tent and highlighted Tesco’s ‘big’ message to celebrate Irish agriculture. Once inside, people could feast their eyes on beautiful produce and meat displays that emphasized the craft and quality of the suppliers. A children’s fun zone was designed using oversized produce to create picture perfect moments, and families were invited to ‘get their hands dirty’ and bring home a mini herb-garden at a custom planting station. Foodies could watch and learn during live cooking demonstrations, and hungry tummies were able to get their fill by sampling the best and freshest foods directly from suppliers.


An estimated 57,000 people visited the Tesco tent over three days and spent an average of 4 minutes and 33 seconds

Over 16,000 contest entries from hopeful hearts, looking to score products from Tesco’s spotlighted suppliers. (And generated leads for future engagements.)



We served 12,000 Irish Angus Beef Sandwiches, Irish Angus mini-gourmet sliders and Tesco Finest sausages and rashers.


NPC.Tesco.2016-84 NPC.Tesco.2016-93


Distributed 10,000 Tesco-branded ponchos to ward off the wet and prevent the post-Ploughing sniffles.

Helped children plant 4,000 new herb pots, providing educational opportunities about sustainable farming and where their food comes from.




Sparked curiosity and ignited imaginations of thousands of children (and gave parents precious photos for 2016 Holiday Cards)




The suppliers themselves loved the event, and delighted with the opportunity to present and engage directly with their customers.




When Tesco calls, BACKUP answers.