Busy Easter Weekend With Us

Tuesday 18th April 2017

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Easter Happenings

Hope everyone had a long and happy Easter weekend!

Holidays mean kicking butt into high-gear for the BACKUP team, with nationwide creative, experiential, social and sampling campaigns all coming to fruition. But sometimes it’s essential to hit pause on the busy buzzing office work and come together for a bit of banter.

To kick off our office festivities, we gathered the gang to craftify some cute eggs before breaking for the holidays. Watch our lil’ video below.


We also coordinated sampling across 200 Tesco stores over the 2 weekends. Woah. In partnership with our sister agency, STAFFUP, we launched over 300 brand ambassadors into the field to serve smiles and samples to holiday shoppers across Ireland.

BACKUP team serves up some holiday spirit(s).





One of the biggest hits during the in-store period was the BACKUP designed Lucky Dip, which gave children and family the chance to win BIG prizes.



In-Store Sampling