We bring back Gold(s) at APMC Star Awards

Thursday 13th April 2017

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Yay! People like us!

This year, BACKUP threw their hats into the ring for Best FMCG Campaign and Best Use of Small Budget, and BROUGHT BACK THE GOLD in each category for our work with General Mills (Häagen-Dazs).

What is it?

The Association of Promotional Marketing Consultants is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in the promotional marketing industry, representing the interests of client companies that use promotional marketing techniques and the agencies that support them. The APMC Star is a prestigious, peer-judged industry award, based on anonymous case-studies that highlight campaign creativity, strategy and results. We’re pretty chuffed.


So how did we win these campaigns? BACKUP has some of the most diverse and comprehensive FMCG experience in our ranks, from ex-store managers and logistics experts to creatives with rich experience working for food and alcohol brands. In other words: we know your business like you know your business. When we are called to answer a client brief we can be empathetic and strategic, these are all questions we’ve experienced and addressed ourselves.

With the Häagen-Dazs campaign, we knew that the client needed results – so we focused on an experiential and sampling strategy to drive those results. We knew which stores to be in, how customers would navigate those stores and what customers would truly care about when shopping.

When we were told to build the brand, we used a tactical social media campaign designed to be relevant, realistic and resonant with Irish couples and families. We focused on the creative behind this message, knowing that the right message can take flight on social media.


The overall campaign was the most successful in the history of Häagen-Dazs in Ireland, leading to high triple digit growth YOY during the month of February and an astounding 23% (+29%) increase in market share for the brand.


We’ve won Gold awards for innovation and category in the past, but we’re particularly proud of awards that demonstrate some of our core values as an agency. At BACKUP, we know your products and business – and we know how to make the most of tactical budgets.


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